Tips on How to Bet Smart

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Mayweather and McGregor fight is one of the most hyped b o x i n g match in the h i s t o r y of b o x i n g. As you know b o x i n g there are many factors that you must consider to know whether who will win the match and who will lose. For those gamblers here are some tips to consider before placing bet for this match.

McGregor being a freshman in the ring gives him a slim chance to carry the day as you know that this man have never boxed. Him being a kickboxer he does not know the rules of the game that might put him the bad side of the game. Also people don’t know McGregor and they do know Mayweather so who can place a bet on a person who is not known to be from that profession. What most people feel that McGregor is an amateur who want to fight with a big dog so why sold you bet on him as the big dog is there to assure you a win.

The promoters of Mayweather did a good job that is promoting their athlete in best way possible, making many people to know him better. Unlike McGregor whose promoters have not done such good job to promote so you cannot take a chance of placing a bet on him. Historical factors, as it said that h i s t o r y repeats itself, nowhere in the world that a non-boxer has come to the ring and won a match. This h i s t o r y gives Mayweather an upper hand o winning the match as MacGregor gets a slight chance of deconstructing that myth. As you know Mayweather is coming out of retirement to fight this fighter who have been training and preparing for the match. This factor places McGregor at a high chance of winning this match. So if you want to place your bet consider them. To know more about bet on mayweather vs mcgregor come visit our site.